Putting Your Video on the Web is a Win

5 Things to Consider Before You Get Started!

You’ve looked at other website or you’ve seen them on Facebook or another social media – videos. That little arrow invites you (and your potential customer) to click and watch. Here are 5 things to consider when you’re considering joining the Internet video revolution.

1. The power of a video: A video does more. It gives you motion – and emotion. It gives you action – and reaction. A good video can make people laugh – or cry. You can deal with the whole range of human emotions. A character in your video can light up with delight when your product or service comes to save the day. You can turn frowns upside down, literally! You’re not just showing off your product or service; you’re showing how good it makes people feel.

2. It’s multipurpose tool. You may just be thinking about putting your video on your website, but that could just be the start of something big. Once produced, you can post your video on your site and on social media. You can link paid Internet advertising to it. You can add the link to your emails. And, if you’re doing multi-media you can use it for your television commercial. You will get your money’s worth and then some!

3. You have to grab attention. The hardest part is getting your message across in a way that involves your viewer to the very last word. It’s not easy. How many times have you turned the TV channel because a commercial bored you? Or, clicked off a video on Facebook because it was just nothing worth watching? Think outside the box. Animals and cute kids are good, but can you really sell your product using a monkey grooming a mouse? Think animation! Think creatively. Think creating.

4. Draw in your viewer – literally. One method that has been a proven winner time and time again is creating something in the video. Sometimes, it’s as simple as type marching across the screen and spelling out a message. One of the really great ways is to draw your viewer a picture – and your story. Seeing a person emerge from a few lines or a product drop out of the sky is captivating. Your viewer will pay full attention, not just once but over and over. They’ll look for the little details. They’ll watch the artist’s hand at work. They’ll get the commercial – and your story with all the benefits of what you have to sell!

5. You can do it! Start by thinking of what the main selling points of your product or service. Think how you would like to present them to your viewers. Think about your story – what do you want the viewer to take away. It should be your best selling point – maybe convenience, maybe savings, maybe how it makes the potential customer’s life better. Get an idea of what you want to say and then find the professional who can sketch it out and rope in your potential customer.

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