Are You Old School?

It’s a fact some people still prefer an old flip phone instead of a smartphone. Even some millennials prefer them. Why? Here are 3 reasons people still like their flip phone. Why not? Here are 3 reasons you don’t want to be caught with one in your pocket or purse.

It may seem antiquated, but remember in really ancient days they didn’t have phones at all. Still, why would anyone choose to use a flip phone? Here are 3 good reasons why!

  1. Cost: You may not have scrolled down far enough to find them in the phone lineup, but some carriers still offer flip phones – for a fraction of the cost of the latest smartphone – you know one that ends in “6”. And, if that’s not cheap enough, you’ll find good used phones on just about every website that sells things!
  2. No butt dialing: Hey, we all have either done or gotten one of those 6-minute voice mails while your friend is fighting with his/her wife/child/mother/father – you know what I mean. Doesn’t happen with a flip phone.
  3. Easy! No fumbling for the right button. You’re getting a call – open the phone. You’re done with a phone – shut it. Very, very easy – intuitive even!

Now, before you get online to search for that old friend, a flip phone, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t even consider it!

  1. Not cool! Do you really want to pull out your flip phone to answer a call when everyone else at the table is checking their email on their smartphone? Worse, you’re making a presentation to a new client. You’re telling them how your company understands the modern consumer. Oops – forgot to turn off the phone. Pull out that flip phone to turn it off and you may have lost the sale. Hard to sell your understanding of everything new when you’re living a decade in the past.
  2. All those apps! You need to find you way to that great restaurant where everyone is waiting. You have to say “where is the bathroom” – in Spanish! You need to check that hot stock you bought yesterday. That’s all smart – smartphone. When they say there’s an app for everything, they’re pretty much telling the truth.
  3. Buy! Here’s some amazing facts about the new wireless world. Cyber Monday was the largest US online sale ever, according to USA Today. Why? Busy thumbs! Mobile traffic accounted for almost half of the online traffic and over a quarter (27.6%) of the sales. Online sales reportedly jumped 17.8% over last year’s Cyber Monday according to IBM. The average mobile purchase from a smartphone was about $25 less than the ones made from a home computer, but they still averaged over $100! You want to buy or sell – you gotta think mobile!

So, what’s the takeaway? If you own a business, it’s simple. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile use. If you own a business that sells things, you want to include cyber sales and that means including mobile!

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