5 Internet Customer Service Strategies

We’ve got a name for web shopping – it’s e-commerce, but we may need another name e-customer service. The internet customer is not necessarily a loyal customer. They have lots of choices. They’re connected and they’re smart. They’ll move on to a better deal at the drop of a hat. Here are 5 ways to keep that customer with great e-customer service.

5 Internet Customer Service Strategies

The statistics are downright scary. 45% of Internet shoppers in the U.S. will abandon their cart. 91% will leave after a bad experience and it’s almost impossible to win them back. Customer service is the key. Here are 5 strategies to keep that customer and keep them shopping.

  1. Provide detail. Your customer found the product he or she wants to buy but they need to know if it will fit. This applies to everything from furniture to cookie trays. Give the customer complete specifications. If they’re not important to the buyer, they don’t have to read them. But, if they are important, they may make the sale. Demonstration videos and big pictures are a plus in getting them to commit to the sale.
  2. Keep it simple. Make checking out – buying – as simple as possible. Customers don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into buying a product. If you make it difficult with too many sign-up fields or a poor flow, a startling 96% will become disloyal to your company. Remove obstacles and make their life easy!
  3. Have a conversation. When a customer does call – be ready. Have trained people answering the phone – and answering their questions. Stress creating a friendly connection of the customer. Even if they get the right answer, if there’s no connection created, they customer may feel they weren’t well served. It’s estimated that almost one-fourth of repeat customer calls come from an emotional disconnect. Engage that customer in friendly, helpful conversation and create loyalty.
  4. Learn from yourself. Talk to your customer service people. Find out the issues they deal with more often and fix them. Have a process in place to get information from the customer service department to the proper departments to address the issue. Make sure that someone is monitoring and replying to anything that is happening on your social media site. Being open to fixing a problem will not only decrease callbacks; it will increase your bottom line.
  5. Learn about your competitors. Routinely visit their websites and see what they are offering. If they’ve changed something to be more competitive with you, do you need to make a change to be more competitive with them? Knowing your competitors is important. Read their social media pages. But, that’s just a beginning. Again, talk to the people who talk to your customers – your customer service department. See what the customer service representatives have learned from their conversations with customers. They may have good ideas to up-sell or create more buying opportunities. If a customer says “I wish” in a conversation, learn from that. Knowing and providing what your customers want is how you make the sale.

E-commerce is much too important to be left to chance. Make sure your team is doing right by your customers so they in turn will do right by you.

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