5 Companies Google Thinks Are Worth Their Support

When you think of Google, you probably think search or maybe how to get from here to there. But, Google is much more than that. They’re working for your future – not just your next search. Here are 5 companies that Google has invested in and that are changing or will change your life!

5 Companies Google Thinks Are Worth Their Support

Google does more than help you through your day by showing you every restaurant nearby when you’re in a strange town or finding the perfect chicken piccata recipe for the family. Google is investing in your world and your future and the future of your children and your children’s children. Here are 5 investments they’ve made for you!

  1. Flatiron Technology. Cancer – the word is scary. When you hear, you are likely to feel like you don’t know where to turn. Flatiron may be changing that. They’ve developed technology to bring the world’s oncology information to one place so it is available for patients, physicians, life science companies and researches alike. They want to power national benchmarking so transform cancer care. They could have the answers you need.
  2. TuneIn. You want to know what’s happening no matter where you are. TuneIn is a free service that lets you choose from 70,000 stations and 2 million on-demand programs. You can find what you want – your news, your music — wherever you are. Thank you, Google.
  3. Anomali. Security – it’s become the challenge of online activity. It seems like everyone from the Federal Government to your local store can be hacked. Anomali is doing something about it. They are addressing cyber security risks for organizations large and small with real-time network activity logs and historical forensic log data.
  4. Nest. This is one you probably know and may use to turn your thermostat up (or down) when you’re suddenly coming home early. Nest is making your home smart so it knows you and your routine. Google was smart enough to help them get started.
  5. Gusto. Remember that slogan, “you need all the gusto you can get”. It’s true if you’re a business owner or operator. Gusto makes payroll, benefits, HR and personal finance simple and that gives you a lot more time and a huge advantage. Google thought so, too.

It’s Google for search. It’s Google for directions for everything how-to, DIY or getting from here to there. It’s Google to help new businesses get off the ground to make your life simpler, easier and more secure. It’s also Google to grow your business whether you’re operating worldwide, nationwide, regionally or just have a single store in your hometown. To find about that part of Google, talk to an expert. Get in touch with a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm and ask them how they can put Google – and the whole digital world – to work for you.

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