4 Ways to Get Customer to Hit Your Hot Buttons on Social Media

What is a hot button? It may be what makes your spouse really mad or what make Uncle Martin talk about politics for the next hour or more. Those are hot buttons you don’t want to push. But, then there are the hot buttons that drive your business. They are the core of your business – what moves your customer, what sets you apart from the competition. Here are 4 ways to put them to work in your social media.

4 Ways to Get Customer to Hit Your Hot Buttons on Social Media

You know the power of social media. You know it has to be part of your Search Engine Optimization. So, you post. No matter how good you are about keeping up the frequency of your social media posts or how thorough you are about using multiple social outlets, you need a compelling message. Here are 4 ways to plan so your hot buttons are part of your social media.

  1. Target. What would you say if someone asked you what 3 things made your business a success? What area/potential customer would you most like to reach? What is your goal for the coming year? Boil the answers to those questions and questions like them. Now, pick 3 to 5 main topics that will serve as hot buttons to get you to your goal. Your content should be created around these topics. They should be the categories and/or words you want to optimize in search.
  2. Calendar. Make sure that you have an editorial calendar that matches your promotional calendar and includes entrée into the hot buttons you have selected. If you use calendars, you have a framework to create content. It will keep you on track and keep those hot buttons in the forefront. Plus, it will save you time if you know what you want to write about before you send your content out to be written or sit down to write.
  3. Brainstorm. Bring you staff and employees together or send out a memo that lists the 3 to 5 main topics (those hot buttons) you want to bring home to your customers and potential customers during the coming year. Ask them how you could best accomplish these goals. Make lists and then refine them. Don’t leave your customers out of the equation. Asking them questions in person or by encouraging their comments will also give you insight into how to present your hot buttons.
  4. Not just text. You want to present your hot buttons in multiple ways. One person may react to your educated explanation (keep it short) of why you create satisfied customers – another may learn your name by laughing at a video of one of your employees trying to get a bird who flew in safely out of your building. Video, images, cartoons and more should all be part of your social media posts.

Putting your hot buttons before your potential and existing customers in a clear and consistent manner will help you reach your goals for 2016. If you feel overwhelmed by what to post, where to post it and how to say it, you might want to consider contacting a SEM or SEO marketing firm. With 18 years olds to 34 years olds spending 3.8 hours a day with social media, those 34 to 49 spending 3 hours – and even those 50 to 64 years of age logging almost 2. 5 hours a day, you need to put social media to work for you!

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