4 Things Business Leaders Must Know About Today’s Technological Revolution

If you studied the Industrial Revolution in school, you understand how it changed the world. What you may not understand is that you are in the middle of a Technological Revolution that is changing the way we shop, the way we work and the way we live. Here are 4 things management should know about working in today’s world.

4 Things Business Leaders Must Know About Today’s Technological Revolution

There’s a new revolution and you need to understand it, work in it and be part of it. Technology is changing the way we do everything – from how we stay in touch with our family to how business is conducted. If you’re a business leader, here are 4 things you need to understand about today’s new business world.

  1. A generation gap: Business leaders must be aware that there’s a gap among their employees. Employees under 35 are “digital natives” – they grew up with technology. Their first toys probably beeped or sang or gave them positive feedback. They were never awed or intimidated by technology because it was always there. Businesses want to recruit bright, knowledgeable digital natives and give them the freedom to allow them to work in their most productive and creative way. Conversely, you will need to balance older employees, managers and executives so they bring their experience and skills forward while embracing new technology. Leaders have to create a new culture where everyone is honored and everyone is prepared to take full advantage of current and emerging advances in technology.
  2. Where you stand: Leaders have to ask themselves if they really understand what technology can do for their company – and reach out if they need a clearer assessment (remember those digital natives). Technology should make your supply line more efficient, give employees better ways to interface and communicate, grow sales and make every department more efficient. Constantly evaluate what you are doing better and what you could continue to improve through technology.
  3. Where you work: Office space is expensive and your employees may be looking for more freedom. Does everyone have to be in the office? Businesses can save money by looking at alternatives such as regional offices, shared or rented space that is closer to where workers live or, even, allowing workers to work from their home offices part of the time or all of the time. Technology has changed where people need to be when they sit down to go to work. Could this save your company money?
  4. A new culture: It’s not just a website. It’s not just doing the same things more efficiently because of technology. It’s using technology to conduct business in entirely new ways. Companies need a culture of collaboration for more productive internal operations, better business processes and increasing sales. It’s not enough just to use “easy” technology; it’s a matter of going all in.

If you are intimidated by technology, get help. This is especially true if you are selling a product or a service. The Internet has become a major influencing factor in deciding what to buy and where to buy – even if the purchase is completed in a brick and mortar store. Search Engine Optimizations (SE0) using organic marketing is as important as your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If you don’t know how to put these important tools to work for your company, talk to an SEM company. It’s probably populated by those digital natives and can put your business on track and lead you into a brave new world.

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