3 Reasons Why You Should Use Video and 3 Ways to Do It Right

You think you’re using your Internet marketing wisely, but here’s a new question for you – are you using a video? Videos are becoming the way products and services are showcased. Here are 3 facts about video use and 3 ways to make it work for you!

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Video and 3 Ways to Do It Right

Video – you watch ‘em; you laugh at ‘em; you may even buy something because of ‘em. But, did you know how important videos are becoming as a part of your SEO and SEM? Here are 3 facts about videos and 3 ways to make your company’s video shine.

Facts about Videos

  1. People want them. According to a survey by Animoto, four times as many potential customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.
  2. They spend more time. Customers who visit your site will spend about 2 minutes more on it when it has a video. That’s 2 important minutes that will work to help sell your service or product.
  3. Video is growing. Cisco reports that by next year, almost 70% of internet traffic will be video based. By 2019 – in just three years – Cisco expects that number will rise to 80%. Those are numbers – and a trend – you simply cannot ignore.

3 Way to Make Your Video Compelling

  1. Make your product the star. You’ve got motion and emotion working for you. Now is the time to make sure your products shine in the spotlight. Sell the benefits. Tell the view why your product is the best buy. Answer any questions that consumers may have – you can even demonstrate its use. Don’t forget to give the consumer an easy link to your website to close the deal.
  2. Get emotional. Involve your watchers. Tell them a story; show them a cartoon. Tug at their heartstrings. Make the viewer smile – dogs and kids are always good. But, don’t use a child as a spokesperson; they’re hard to understand. Show how your product or service has improved someone’s life. Show that person celebrating your product or service. Have some fun and let the viewer know how passionate you are about your product and your customers.
  3. Share what your customers have to say. Testimonials work – especially if the person speaking is attractive and articulate. It’s called reference power and it works. A viewer sees a toothpaste video and comes away thinking that if they used that product their smile would be as beautiful and beaming as the model. Use pretend customers that involve the viewer – a cartoon hero or a talking animal. It’s all good. And, don’t be afraid to brag a little if you have 5-star ratings on review sites.

Video isn’t going away; it’s growing. It’s a trend that you want to use to your advantage and you don’t want to miss the big audience that prefers to get their information through a video. If you aren’t using video on your website and in your social media, talk to a SEM company and get their help. Put your story into action with a video that shows you and your product to its best advantage.

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