3 Reasons Why Online Video Ads Top TV Spots

There was a time when TV was king, but online video may be the heir apparent. In a survey of 120 advertising agencies, 72% say online video is as effective as television. Online video gives you the power of a television commercial—the impact of sight, sound, action and reaction. But it gives you more. It can target better. It can go mobile. It can cost you less to place. It can go social. Simply, people love video and online video can sell your product or service. Here are 3 reasons why.

3 Reasons Why Online Video Ads Top TV Spots

  • Video engages the watcher. It’s moving – both literally and emotionally. You can look at still photo in just a couple of seconds. Think of this – the industry standard for time spent with a billboard – those huge things with writing and photos – is 6 seconds. What can you convey to your potential customer in a 6-count? And, if your photo is on a webpage, your viewer can click away even faster. A well-made video captures the viewer. They want to see what is happening. They want to see how the story ends. You’re giving them a reason to spend some time with you and your product or service. They’re going to get to know you.
  • It’s lets you convey your image. If you’re selling a new face cream, you have beautiful faces to sell it for you. If you’re selling financial services, a moving graph can raise your potential investor’s expectations. If you’re talking about something that will happen in the future, you can create a visual preview. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Add motion to the right “picture” and it goes beyond its limitation of time to give your viewer the big picture. That means better brand recall.
  • It tells a story. Will the boy get the girl? Will the girl get the boy? Will that gadget really be easy to use? Does that company really understand what could happen and how things could change? Show them! Video allows you to tell a story. You can demonstrate a product. It articulates who you are and what you offer. It doesn’t just list your benefits or recite them – it shows them. The potential customers can see what you have to offer while you tell them your story. Make sure your story involves them and clearly shows your benefits. Stress who you are and why you are their best choice. Make it a story with a happy ending.


Not sure how to get started? Talk to a digital marketing agency. They understand all of online marketing. They know what elements – anything from a cute kid to a cartoon – will hold the viewers’ attention while it is relevant to who you are and the benefits of your product or service. They’ll also know where to place to reach your most-likely customer and how to continue to build your brand. After all, now you’re a video star.

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