10 Ways to Use the Internet and Who Does Them

Men and women, old and young, everyone uses the internet, but they do it in different ways. Are you part of the majority or marching to your own drum. Here are 10 things people do on the Internet and who does them most!

10 Ways to Use the Internet and Who Does Them

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Then there’s the young and the old. Who does what on the Internet. Here are 10 things that Internet users do and who does them most.

  1. News. Who is most likely to get what’s happening from the Internet? Men! 77% of men who are online are more likely to use the Internet for news comparted to only 66% of the women.
  2. Job hunt. The younger Internet users own this one. 65% of those 18 to 29 who use the Internet are likely to look for new job information. Only 31% of those 30+ are looking for jobs.
  3. Health. Women win! 85% of women Internet users will look for health information. Only 75% of men do.
  4. Auction. This one may surprise you. More men, 28%, participate in an online auction than women, 18%. Doesn’t that make you wonder what they’re buying?
  5. Email. Maybe this reflects a love for texting in the younger set, but 96% of online seniors are sending emails. The percentage drops to 91% for those 18 to 29.
  6. Content. Who creates content for the web? Not a majority in any group but 25% of the men Internet users are creating against only 16% of the women.
  7. Sports. You know you’re right – more men than women. In fact, more than twice as many. 59% of men Internet users are checking scores, but 27% of the women are checking for scores and information. Are they following their favorite team or trying to impress the man in their life?
  8. Dating. Another no-brainer. This one goes to the young. Internet users from 18 to 29 are using dating web sites comparted to only 5% of those 30+. Where did you meet your one true love?
  9. Buying. This one goes to the middle-aged (30 to 64). 81% of these buyers are researching a product or service. Still, almost three-quarters (71%) of older (65+) and younger (under 30) are also doing their buying homework on line.
  10. Politics. We might expect these numbers to go up as the election year is here. However, 57% of male Internet users are more likely to look for political information compared to 42% of women. And, by the way, don’t forget to vote!

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