3 Reasons Why Online Video Ads Top TV Spots

There was a time when TV was king, but online video may be the heir apparent. In a survey of 120 advertising agencies, 72% say online video is as effective as television. Online video gives you the power of a television commercial—the impact of sight, sound, action and reaction. But […]

5 Companies Google Thinks Are Worth Their Support

When you think of Google, you probably think search or maybe how to get from here to there. But, Google is much more than that. They’re working for your future – not just your next search. Here are 5 companies that Google has invested in and that are changing or […]

5 Internet Customer Service Strategies

We’ve got a name for web shopping – it’s e-commerce, but we may need another name e-customer service. The internet customer is not necessarily a loyal customer. They have lots of choices. They’re connected and they’re smart. They’ll move on to a better deal at the drop of a hat. […]

7 Rules to Follow with Email

Your business has a great website. You’re using social media to your advantage. You may even be improving your bottom line with e-commerce. But, are you using the most basic Internet service wisely? Here are 7 rules to follow when you’re using email in your business. 7 Rules to Follow […]

10 Ways to Use the Internet and Who Does Them

Men and women, old and young, everyone uses the internet, but they do it in different ways. Are you part of the majority or marching to your own drum. Here are 10 things people do on the Internet and who does them most! 10 Ways to Use the Internet and […]

6 Facts About Facebook and its Founder

How big is Facebook? The company’s fourth quarter report from 2015 will give you an idea. Here are six of the highpoints of new Dad, Mark Zuckerberg, career and some hints as to where Facebook might be heading. 6 Facts About Facebook and its Founder Can you imagine making $6 […]

The 3 Steps Search Engines Take In Search Results

It’s amazing how fast a human accepts the amazing as ordinary. At some point today, you probably typed a question into your internet program or asked you smart phone to direct you to the closest Irish pub (or Mexican restaurant or hamburger joint). Odds are you got the answers you […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Video and 3 Ways to Do It Right

You think you’re using your Internet marketing wisely, but here’s a new question for you – are you using a video? Videos are becoming the way products and services are showcased. Here are 3 facts about video use and 3 ways to make it work for you! 3 Reasons Why […]

4 Ways to Get Customer to Hit Your Hot Buttons on Social Media

What is a hot button? It may be what makes your spouse really mad or what make Uncle Martin talk about politics for the next hour or more. Those are hot buttons you don’t want to push. But, then there are the hot buttons that drive your business. They are […]